Managed IT Services and Security to Meet Your Business Needs

CyTek provides full managed services for your systems, including on-site and remote support. We deliver on all of your IT security needs reducing risk and preventing issues before they occur through robust security monitoring for malware, ransomware and phishing attacks.

We Offer:

Remote monitoring and management

Managed threat detection and response

Anti-phishing protection

Data backup and replication

Network monitoring and patch management

Endpoint security

Disk encryption

Multi-factor authentication

Anti-virus protection

If your business needs IT peace of mind, CyTek can help!

I mean, they’re just excellent. There’re very few vendors that I have that I can speak that highly of. They’re informative, they’re dedicated, they go the extra mile. They’re professional, kind, smart, and all of the things you want out of a vendor. You really feel like, “I never have to worry that we’re not being taken care of.”

Kim G.

Chad and Rick are both incredibly easy to talk to. They’re respectful, courteous, responsive and efficient. They use terminology that is easy to understand. They are experts in IT so that I don’t have to be.

Julie W.

We are treated very well. The people know me, they know our systems. They know who our people are and that’s a huge help.

Steve Q.

I’m not sure that there’s anybody else that can provide the service that CyTek does with our needs in the Kansas City area.

Matt W.