There’s no shortage of hardware solutions on the market, but not every solution is right for every company, and out-of-the-box products may not address your company’s unique needs.

From PCs and network servers to infrastructure and video conferencing equipment, CyTek can implement the hardware necessary to sustain and grow your business. We partner with a wide range of hardware manufacturers and distributors, including Dell and Microsoft. Our brand-agnostic approach allows our team of experts to match you with the hardware solution that’s right for your business.

Additional Partners & Solutions Supported:

I mean, they’re just excellent. There’re very few vendors that I have that I can speak that highly of. They’re informative, they’re dedicated, they go the extra mile. They’re professional, kind, smart, and all of the things you want out of a vendor. You really feel like, “I never have to worry that we’re not being taken care of.”

Kim Green, Bartimus Frickleton Robertson Rader

I’m not sure that there’s anybody else that can provide the service that CyTek does with our needs in the Kansas City area.

Matt Williams, Hovey Williams

Chad and Rick are both incredibly easy to talk to. They’re respectful, courteous, responsive, and efficient. They use terminology that is easy to understand. They are experts in IT so that I don’t have to be.

Julie Wall, Great Plains Developments

We are treated very well. The people know me, they know our systems. They know who our people are and that’s a huge help.

Steve Quinn, Stretz/Quinn